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The second question is the level of the test administrators experience: what training, qualifications and exposure to the specific testing context does he or she have? One further question that Searls poses is this: How could the Rorschach test be improved for this defendant? His answer is: By using it to help, in a humane society, as doctor home loan program Oak Laurel 0430129662 part of a process of giving everyone who needs mental healthcare access to it. Extending this example to the wider non-clinical arena, in common with all psychological testing, it is only really relevant if applied following extensive discussion of the results with the person concerned. It should then be used solely to allow them to increase their personal options, whether mental, social, educational or employment-related. The test should be used in an expansive home loan for doctor Oak Laurel rather than simply a reductive mode, where the individual is debased to the lowest common denominator. Noel Bird Boreen Point, Queensland, Australia Faulty idea of US greatness Make America great again is such a perversion of the idea of greatness. Is it great to lead the world into another arms race and puff out ones military chest in unstable times, while threatening to renege on treaties and hard-won agreements on environmental protection? David Smiths article (US agency cuts to pay for massive defence spending, 3 March) points out that even the generals feel that diplomacy rather than massive remilitarisation is the responsible way forward. Climate change is the greatest existential threat to the life support system that is our mutually shared globe. What an appalling abrogation of responsibility for the peace of the world and all our futures by a once-respected nation. President Donald Trump says he is the president of America not the world, but that position has been seen as having obligations to both, and to achieve greatness this needs to be acknowledged.